Retail stores & shooting grounds

+30% generated traffic over 6 months.

Increase your traffic

FACING INTERNET COMPETITION, retail stores who have decided to invest in one of our systems have noticed substantial increase in traffic, unplanned cross-selling and better feedback from their customers.
+30% Generated traffic in the first 6 months, for a 300 m2 retail store

Increase your revenues

Experienced with an instructor trained by us, shooting on our simulators will create RECURRING REVENUES to your business.
Hunters are coming an average of 4 times-a-year

Try before buy

Making it possible to TRY BEFORE BUY real weapons and scopes is a great selling point. Get the perfect fitting thanks to our adjustable replica gun.

There is 60% more chances to sell a weapon once the customer tried it.

Combine it for greater results

Bundled with a shooting ground, it offers a great opportunity to HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS understand their mistakes before going to the range, and help you STAND OUT OF COMPETITION.

97% customers would recommend us, based on 647 end-customers

Control your stock

Get data thanks to our built-in ballistic calculator to make your STOCK MORE PROFITABLE by knowing precisely which ammunition your customers are using (caliber, brand, item).


Reach out your customers

Never miss an opportunity to contact your customers again with our ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM that helps you collect data such as Names, Phone numbers and Emails.

Expand your business

CREATE A NEW REVENUE STREAM not only by selling coaching sessions, but also gift cards and loyalty programs. You might also want to think about organizing events – team building, group of friends – for hunters and non-hunters.

We have your back

Stay up to date and FOCUS ON RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS thanks to our Support and Update Agreement covering hardware maintenance, software updates, online support, knowledge base, installation and training.