Release 5.2

Introduction to Roe deer and more exciting things!

New possibilities. Only possible on ST-2.

We are very proud to introduce our latest release, including a bunch of new features and new options! From our new roe deer discipline including reaction to the shot depending on the kill zone to our newest configurations PREMIUM PRO and DRIVEN extension, we hope you will enjoy the work of our team!

You already have one of our simulators and want to know more about PRICING? Please get in touch, we will be happy to help you!

2x faster

We have redesigned our application to enhance your experience. Now twice faster than before due to our new Ogre and Open GL designs.

Roe Deer*

Roe deers are the second fastest animals in the world: their maximum speed is 98 km/h! Our highly realistic ANIMATED roe deer disciplines features the following:

  • 2 genders: roe buck and roe doe;
  • highly accurate anatomy, including bones and organs;
  • reaction to the shot depending on the hit position;
  • random gender selection;
  • high jumps selection.
See reactions

No matter if you want to shoot it as in a driven shoot mode, or in a stalking mode, you will surely find the right scenario in our existing library! Otherwise, feel free to create your own!

*Subject to extra cost

Landscape images


Ammunitions database


New winter trees

Realism is one of our 3 pillars. It comes in different ways, such as high accuracy, use of real weapons and graphics. To enhance the graphics, we have added 4 types of new winter trees, giving you the opportunity to enjoy our new scenarios or even create new ones!

And so much more.

New ambient sounds for BIG GAME disciplines, new shotgun and rifle sounds,  and no more sound pitching when simulation speed is slower / faster than actual speed.

New SAFETY CHECK scenarios to train in real life situations, where dangerous shots could be avoided. Analyse your environment before deciding to shoot, or not. #SafetyFirst

New SKEET settings according to the ISSF rules, with a faster target. You can now shoot with a 102˚ field of view, and change the angle you are looking at the houses. SKEET ISSF is only available on PREMIUM and PREMIUM PRO configurations.

We have added maximum flight height and variation settings for Duck and Grouse/Partridge. You can now make grouses/partridges fly as low as 5m-high.


Apart from the main points described above, we have been doing some other improvements that were asked by many:

Release 5.1 – September 2020

  • select flight height for DUCK and GROUSE/PARTRIDGE (from 5m to 50m).
  • new shot sounds for shotgun and rifle.
  • new ambient sounds for ANIMATED wild-boar, ANIMATED roe-deer and ANIMATED red deer.
  • target speed is displayed in km/h instead of m/s.
  • target can be shot up to 200m distance.
  • faster program startup and faster switching between scenarios and shots.
  • new default SKEET ISSF outlet speeds, according to ISSF rules.
  • enable larger field of view for SKEET ISSF, to make it more realistic on stand 8.
  • no more sound pitching when simulation speed is slower/faster than actual speed.
  • disabling of FPS warning pop-up.
  • ANIMATED animals are now scared instead of confused when they hear a shot. When scared, they will escape running.
  • added the FIXED TARGET discipline in DRIVEN mode.
  • DRIVEN mode: the program now automatically detects if running in normal or DRIVEN mode.
  • DRIVEN mode: added separate room measurement settings for DRIVEN mode.
  • DRIVEN mode: Force Result pop-up and Result text table being shown in bottom of screen.
  • adjusted default shot statistics settings for PHEASANT and GROUSE/PARTRIDGE.
  • added Hungarian language.
  • auto translation of scenarios’ names.
  • rearranging (and renaming) the background image folders, e.g. “3D – Deers – Boars” contains images for Wild boar/Red deer/Roe deer. With this new arrangement the images take up about half as much disk space (i.e. there are less duplicate copies).
  • adding a “Graphics system delay” in Advanced settings dialog that must be adjusted to suit the projector/graphics subsystem. (Previously hard coded to 17 ms. Now defaulting to 25 ms (suits Canon and Benq). Set to 50 ms for Fujifilm).
  • adding a separate graphics system delay for driven shooting in Advanced settings dialog.
  • reworked application: Now Ogre and OpenGL can coexist – leads to faster program startup and faster switching between scenarios or shots.
  • don’t play “Analyze done” sound any more when shooting, it just disturbed the sound of the rifle/shotgun.
  • fix: Freeing OpenGL background images when switching to a new scenario (computer could run out of memory if stepping through a lot of scenarios)
  • debug work: Making it possible to move around in the skeet world (requires “Show debug settings” in Advanced settings dialog)
  • debug work: Making it possible to move the fixed target up/down vertically (requires “Show debug settings” in Advanced settings dialog)
  • added setting for disabling the FPS warning pop-up.
  • adding “Cheat mode”: Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut to turn synthetic images on/off. A “C” in the windows title bar will indicate synthetic images on.
  • moose can move head up/down/left/right when idle/walking, would previously only move ears.
  • renaming the integrated Ogre scenarios with a “Template” suffix and removing all trees/plants/hunters/poles for them.
  • renaming shotgun shot sizes from “US #x” to “EU #x”.
  • adjusting default shot statistics settings for Pheasant and Grouse.
  • translation: Swedish, French, German and Hungarian updated.

Release 5.2 – April 2021

  • adding shot reaction to the roe deer, depending on the hit zone.
  • adding the concept of hit regions and changing the logic for calculating the hit: if more than one region is hit, the highest prioritized one is used
  • improvement: huge change in Ogre animals animation system. Now more than two animations can be blended, making it even more realistic.
  • improvement: Ogre animals can now be affected by a second injury shot.
  • improvement: enlarging the Replay line, and changing the spear color to red.
  • adding an option to remove barking dogs for BIG GAME disciplines.
  • improvement: BIG GAME targets are now shootable near the edges of the screen.
  • adding XML merge functionality for the settings file when doing an upgrade installation.
  • fix: when bear is attacking, the end animation is now shown entirely.
  • fix: Ogre animals were sometimes misses at its outmost edges (when outside their bounding box).

We hope you will enjoy all the benefits of this new release!

Education program

We will be launching soon our education program. Stay tuned on our social media pages!