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The system has been developed with the professional coach in mind to assist the experienced as well as the newcomer to obtain better results. No other system offers the realistic images, the host of disciplines and the extraordinary diagnostic feedback. The MARKSMAN ST-2 simulator will accurately analyze and show a shooter’s behavior, from mounting to pulling the trigger and even the follow-through after the shot. It will precisely highlight the outcome of every single shot – without any guesswork. The instant visual feedback and diagnostics helps the shooter understand how to adjust mount, swing and the time of firing to perfect his or her technique. Additionally, it will show where the shooter aimed when the trigger was pulled and where the bird or target was when the load arrived. The shotgun ballistic calculator makes an estimation of the probability for breaking a clay target or bagging a bird based on all contributing factors: kinetic energy of shot pellets, penetration and more. 

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Please contact us or our distributor/agent to learn more about the systems’ capabilities; the ease of operation; the benefits and experience of using it and not least: the value it will return to your business. To see is to believe: If you have not experienced the thrill of shooting with the ST-2, let us give you a demonstration.


The Classic model is suitable for all rifle and shotgun disciplines except Skeet. Can be accommodated in a room with limited floor space. It is easy to transport (will fit in the trunk of a car) and is therefore the preferred choice for temporary set-ups.

Classic floor plan

Image size
5 x 3 m (16.7' x 10.0' )
Image resolution
1280 x 768
Floor plan: 5  x 5 m (16.7' x 16.7')
Field of view: 65°
Single, 3100 Ansi lumen, placed on floor or ceiling mounted
Dummy gun      

Classic Wide

With its 90 degree field of view, the Classic Wide model is suitable for all rifle and shotgun disciplines, including Skeet. Preferred choice for rooms with limited floor space and ceiling height.

Classic wide floor plan

Image size: 6 x 3 m (20.0' x 10.0')
Image resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels
Floor plan: 8 x 5 m (26.7' x 16.7')
Field of view: 90°
Projector: Single 4000 Ansi lumens, ceiling mounted
Accessories: Dummy gun


Premium Pro

The Premium Pro is the superior model selection. The two powerful, ceiling mounted projectors give a bright image allowing a high level of ambient light in the room for better social interaction and comfort.

Premium Pro floor plan

Image size
8 x 3 m (26.7' x 10.0')
Image resolution
2048 x 768
Floor plan
8 x 8 m (26.7' x 26.7')
Field of view
Double, 10,800 Ansi lumen, ceiling mounted
Dummy gun


John Conroy  

Former IRISH international DTL shooter and European championship medal holder.

"In my opinion the ST2 Simulator is the best coaching aid that exists today for the top competition and game shooter to the beginner off all ages. What sets this system apart is how the shooter can visually see and prefect his technique I have used this system for 8 years with amazing results."

Danka Bartekova

Bronze medalist from the Olympic Games 2012 in London and holder of many medals from world and European championships and world cups.

“I have been using the ST-2 simulator in my Skeet shooting training. I am very happy with it. I think the practice with the ST-2 simulator helped me with my mounting and with my precision training, so I find it a very positive part of my training every spring, before the season starts...!”