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We are very proud to introduce our latest release, including a bunch of new features and new options! From our new roe deer discipline including reaction to the shot depending on the kill zone to our newest configurations PREMIUM PRO and DRIVEN extension, we hope you will enjoy the work of our team!

You already have one of our simulators and want to know more about PRICING? Please get in touch, we will be happy to help you!


Our very realistic ANIMATED roe deer discipline features the following:

  • – 2 genders: roe buck and roe doe;
  • – highly accurate anatomy, including bones and organs;
  • – reaction to the shot depending on the hit position;
  • – random gender selection;
  • – high jumps selection.

You can easily simulate driven hunts or hunting from a hide, with our endless scenarios possibilities.


Enjoy the possibility to shoot DRIVEN ducks and DRIVEN partridges on our DRIVEN extension.

See them in action


TREES - New winter trees for better realism - INCLUDED

Realism is one of our pillars. It comes in different ways, such as high accuracy, use of real weapons and graphics.

To enhance the graphics, we have added 4 types of new winter trees:

  • – Yellow Poplar tree
  • – Red oak tree – old
  • – Red oak tree – young
  • – Red maple tree

You can now build more realistic scenarios, according to your biotope.

TREE. red maple

TREE. red maple

TREE. red oak (old)

TREE. red oak (old)

TREE. red oak (young)

TREE. red oak (young)

TREE. yellow poplar

TREE. yellow poplar

SCENARIOS - New SAFETY CHECK scenarios for BIG GAME disciplines - INCLUDED

Safety, alongside realism and ethic, is one of our main concern while developing our software. For that very reason, we have decided to enrich our library of scenarios with new SAFETY CHECK scenarios.

In those specific scenarios, the shooter/hunter should pay attention to his environment, to make sure he makes a safe shot. In some of those scenarios, shots are totally forbidden.

For that purpose, we have reproduced scenarios relating to deadly accidents that happened in real life.

SCENARIOS - up to 800 scenarios - INCLUDED

While you have the possibility to easily build new scenarios, we know that sometimes you lack of time. To make it easy for you, we have enriched our library of scenarios, going from 350 in our previous release to more than 800 scenarios today in the FULL version of our latest release.

SCENARIOS - up to 450 background images - INCLUDED

If you want to have fun building scenarios, we have enlarged our library of background images from 220 in our previous release up to 450 in the FULL version of our latest release.

OS - 550+ ammunition and 90 calibers - INCLUDED

We have worked with the largest manufacturers to enlarge our ammunition and calibers’ libraries.

Hornady, Winchester, Norma, Gecco, RWS, Brenneke, Remmington and more…

OS - lower ceiling height for DRIVEN configuration - INCLUDED

Because many of our customers love our DRIVEN extension, but can’t set it up because of 5-meters ceiling height required, we have worked our way around to make it possible to install it with 4.20-meters ceiling height only.

OS - other improvements - INCLUDED

Apart from the main points described above, we have been doing some other improvements that were asked by many:

  • – select flight height for DUCK and GROUSE/PARTRIDGE (from 5m to 50m)
  • – new shot sounds for shotgun and rifle
  • – new ambient sounds for ANIMATED wild-boar, ANIMATED roe-deer and ANIMATED red deer
  • – target speed is displayed in km/h instead of m/s
  • – target can be shot up to 200m distance
  • faster program startup and faster switching between scenarios and shots
  • new default SKEET ISSF outlet speeds, according to ISSF rules
  • enable larger field of view for SKEET ISSF, to make it more realistic on stand 8
  • no more sound pitching when simulation speed is slower/faster than actual speed
  • – disabling of FPS warning pop-up
  • ANIMATED animals are now scared instead of confused when they hear a shot. When scared, they will escape running
  • – added the FIXED TARGET discipline in DRIVEN mode
  • – DRIVEN mode: the program now automatically detects if running in normal or DRIVEN mode
  • – DRIVEN mode: added separate room measurement settings for DRIVEN mode
  • – adjusted default shot statistics settings for PHEASANT and GROUSE/PARTRIGE
  • – added Hungarian language
  • auto translation of scenarios’ names

We hope you will enjoy all the benefits of this new release!