Release 6.0

Discover our most advanced release. Introducing Random.

New possibilities. Only possible on ST-2.

In this release we have a bunch of new features and new options. Randomize your scenarios with random BIG GAME animals appearances, random paths and random speeds, we hope you will enjoy the work of our team!

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more user-friendly

We have made the calibration process simpler. Choice of ammunitions and fixed target are now an automatic process.

We have also added an extensive debug function that will let you know if the shooter is too close or too far from the screen, if the room has too much light, etc.

New wild boar anatomy

You will now get the wild boar anatomy as realistic as it gets. New organs, more accurate bone structure to enhance the realism of the shot.

Also, the wild boar squeals when injured.

Random speed

Adjust the speed of any target and add random variation. Analyse the distance and speed of the target and adapt your swing.

Random scenarios

BIG GAME and running targets have now the option Random Path with subscenes, to make the shot more stressful and realistic. Decision making is the key point of shooting: should I shoot or not? Is it safe enough? Will it be a clean shot?

Random animals

Get also surprised by the type of animals that will show up! Wild-boar? Roe buck or roe doe? Or red deer? Again, the idea is too enhance the realism and put you in some kind of stress when taking the decision to pull the trigger. With this, the ST-2 just got more judgmental, making it even more interesting!


… we haven’t forgotten our SMALL GAME disciplines. Now you get 2 types of random scenarios depending on the hunting type: “driven shoot” or “walked-up”.

Advised reach

Ever wanted to know how your choice of ammunition, caliber and choke impact your reach? Should I shoot ducks with Steel #5 or Steel #2? Now you get the answer right on our ammunition settings window!

Hit probability

Luck is also part of shotgun shooting. If you have 90% chances to hit a target, and 10% to miss it, the simulator will now reflect that, instantly.

Relative barrel speed

When shooting, the movement needs to be consistent with the previous or next one. You now get the relative barrel angular speed compared to the target’s shown in percentage.

Landscape images


Ammunitions database


And so much more.

Roe deer stops at a press of a key (whistle situation).

We removed the restrictions to add the competition results on the global score card.

We have added maximum flight height and variation settings for Duck and Grouse/Partridge. You can now make birds fly as high as 70m and grouses/partridges fly as low as 1m-high.

New SAFETY CHECK scenarios to train in real life situations, where dangerous shots could be avoided. Analyse your environment before deciding to shoot, or not. #SafetyFirst


Apart from the main points described above, we have been doing some other improvements that were asked by many:

  • Replay: manual stepping should always pass by time 0.00s i.e. time of firing;
  • Adjusting scales: wild boar and red deer smaller, hunter somewhat larger;
  • In Hit position view: showing target speed at impact for bullet targets as well (previously only for shot targets);
  • Fast-key: A/G/X (Aiming point, Gray out and X-Ray) global settings instead of per scenario;
  • Fast-keys: new shortcut keys shift+ctrl+(C/X/Z/F/R) to Copy/X-mirror/Z-mirror/Flip-start-stop/Randomize subscene;
  • Fast key: Q (“dogs barking” is a global setting);
  • Fast-key: W (roe deer stops);
  • BIG GAME: new columns to “select discipline” list, using icons to indicate Random Animal/Random Subscene/Safety module;
  • DRIVEN mode: support for shrinking the toolbar (so it will fit on screen) if we run in driven mode;
  • Removed the possibility to shoot at Sporting/clay pigeons with bullets;
  • Fix: Driven birds at steep angles leads to strange analyse results;
  • Improved the bottom info table in Hit view and Tracking view for DRIVEN;
  • In discipline settings menu, command lines are now window buttons.

We hope you will enjoy all the benefits of this new release!

Education program

We will be launching soon our education program. Stay tuned on our social media pages!