Robb Report, Best In-Home Sports Simulators

Robb Report has selected the 7 best in-home sports simulators.

The ST-2 shooting simulator from Marksman Training Systems comes in as no. 5:

ST-2 Shooting Simulator by Marksman Training Systems: $23,000 to $40,000

Have your sights set on becoming a better shot? Aim for the ST-2 Shooting Simulator by Marksman Training Systems. Used by Slovakian team member Dana Barteková to help her win a bronze medal in Women’s Skeet at the 2012 Olympics, the ST-2 tracks gun motion (before and after pulling the trigger) and gives detailed information on every hit and miss. It works with your own shotgun or rifle but without the bullets, so there’s no shoulder fatigue or bruising from recoil. 

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