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Driven birds shooting

Driven birds shooting

Driven birds shooting is a new discipline demonstrated for the first time at IWA Outdoor 2015.

  • Driven Birds Shooting

    Driven Birds Shooting

  • Driven Birds - Notice the lead!

    Driven Birds - Notice the lead!

  • Hit Position

    Hit Position

Driven bird shooting is the lastest addition to the already extensive list of shoting disciplines available from the MARKSMAN ST-2 simulator. This true-to-life and exciting discipline allows the shooter to practice the classic English and Scottish driven bird shoots - a custom nearly as old as the shotgun itself.

Like a real driven bird shoot, the birds are high and fast flying targets, offering a challenge to even the experienced shooter and an opportunity to practice speed of mounting and ceating the right lead.

Newcomers to the sport will be amazed how much greater lead is needed - even at normal ranges of say 40 ā€“ 50 yards/120' -150'. Once comfortable with the technique of the simulator, the shooter's confidence will improve dramatically making him/her ready to take part in his/her first pheasant shoot.