Hunters associations & federations

Promote responsible hunting.

Promote responsible hunting

PROMOTE RESPONSIBLE HUNTING in line with what you wish to transmit to new hunters. EDUCATE HUNTERS ABOUT SAFETY AND RESPECT FOR WILDLIFE, by improving their shooting in real hunting conditions (neighbors, safety angles, obstacles, etc.). Help them obtain their shooting license.

New hunting scenarios with Safety Check module

Limit your risks

LIMIT THE RISKS OF LEARNING HOW TO HANDLE WEAPONS and shooting through this green, fun and virtual technology, which allows you to analyze your gesture and point of impact. Results of shooting are available and can be replayed in slow motion, in order to understand what needs to be modified for a concrete and tangible improvement in shooting skills.

Ammunition-free simulator with real weapons handling

Confidence is key

Help hunters ACQUIRE A CERTAIN CONFIDENCE AND TECHNIQUE in their shooting to kill and not to injure game. A hunter who has confidence in his shot takes more time to analyze his environment and his target, so his shot is safer and cleaner.

Make training exciting

TRAIN WITH PLAYFULNESS by the diversity of our scenarios and type of game, with the possibility of creating competitions.

SAVE MONEY, with more than 120 shots fired in 20 minutes, and analyse them with the help of an instructor trained by our team.