Alan Walker

Alan Walker


Alan Walker has added the ST-2 shooting simulator to Eastern Shooting in 2016. He became very familiar with our simulator and now our first UK retailer.

Anyone, both new or experienced in shooting can benefit from this training facility to improve their shooting skills. This is not a laser shooting system. This uses the most advanced camera and gyroscopic technology allowing you to use your own (or any) gun and show you the ‘how and why’ of your shooting performance.

The ST2 can track your gun swing, lead and show a realistic shot pattern to help you improve your abilities. This only scratches the surface of the information into each shot taken that is available.

Replay any shot to see what happened.

Using a 22’x11’ main screen you can shoot a whole variety of Clays (including Olympic disciplines) as well as Game Shooting (featuring Pheasant, Duck and Grouse).

Limited Unit 3, The Bringey
Church Street, Great Baddow
CM2 7JW90
United Kingdom