Innovation (fr)

The ST-2 simulator: PERSISTENT R & D.


  • MARKSMAN ST-2 is the most technologically advanced, simulated shooting system available
  • Developed in consultation with keen hunters, competitive shooters and expert shooting coaches
  • Over ten years of research and development before launching the system
  • Constant R&D to advance system technology, diagnostic feedback and shooting experience
  • The world patented system provides a highest level of visual realism and excellent diagnostics
  • The technology behind MARKSMAN ST-2 creates a truly authentic shooting experience
  • Exceptional speed and accuracy
  • No laser. No danger. No worries!
  • Global testimonials highlights acceptance and recommendation of MARKSMAN ST-2
  • A supreme, interactive system for improving shooting techniques for consistently better results


sensor for st 2 3265

A high-tech sensor registers gun movements, firing direction and trigger-pull timing with high precision.

Realism and diagnostics

MARKSMAN TRAINING SYSTEMS has defined a shooting realism and diagnostics in a class of its own.

The proprietary, globally patented algorithm accurately monitors the entire shooting sequence in combination with:  

  • True-to-life animated targets
  • Lightning-fast 100 Hz frame rate
  • Resolution better than High Definition (HD)
  • Multiple shooting selections, scenarios and sceneries
  • Gauge, choke and ammunition selections for shotgun shooting
  • Caliber and ammunition selections for rifle shooting
  • Extensive diagnostics including shot penetration depth in tissue
  • Ability to slow down speed of animation visuals for hands-on coaching


The R&D continues. The latest system software version launched a shotgun ballistic calculator based on internationally recognized research in the field of shot gun shooting. The scientific basis for ballistics and bird shooting wound assessment is provided by leading research institutions, including The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). The level of analyzing shotgun shooting is now brought to an advanced level providing the shooter with solid, dependable data on shot effects on game birds at various distances with a variety of ammunition.

The outcome of bird shooting is estimated as probabilities for three different outcomes:

  • Hit - crippled - missed

All factors affecting the outcome of a shot are taken into account: Pellet speed; pellet size; pellet material; plus the amount of energy that is required to penetrate through feathers and tissue and the amount of penetration that is required for an effective kill. 

 Duck shooting simulator diagnostics

Hit position view showing the probility for immediate kill / crippling / missing based on delivered and required energy and penetration.