Become our partner (ge)


We work with distributors and agents in several countries.

The distributor markets, sells, installs simulators and provides technical support to customers.

A distributor sells the simulator with exclusive rights in his own name in the appointed territory.

Requirements to become a distributor:

  • The distributor should have a professional background suitable for marketing and selling a high profile product like the ST-2. 
  • The distributor must own a fully equipped ST-2 simulator and be able to demonstrate it at a suitable location.
  • The distributor must have a staff with competence to handle all interactions with the end-customer: installation, operator training, support and service. 

The distributor will get the necessary training from Marksman Training Systems Sweden (MTSS).

Please let us know if you want to become our distributor.


We also work with agents.

The agents job is to promote the sale of simulators and put prospective customers in touch with MTSS. In contrast to the distributor, the agent does not sell or install the system. Orders are signed between the customer and MTSS. MTSS handles the installation and all interactions with the customer after the delivery.

In ordet to act as an agent you need to own a simulator - or at least have access to one - and have a good knowledge of how to operate it. You also need to have a good knowledge of hunting and sport shooting and to be in touch with the hunting and sport shooting community on a professional basis. 

Please let us know if you want to become our agent.