of our B2C customers love it!

  • The simulator session clearly helped with the complete process of mount, move, far more control.  Being able to finesse the movement and break point is very pleasing.  Real confidence booster as well, knowing that the feedback is accurate and then being able to transfer it to the  range is incredible.  A rapid learning experience.

    J. Skeet & Compact Sporting
  • This is a fantastic piece of kit – I had a great training session and could accurately play back my line of movement, and see exactly where the the trigger was pulled and pattern of shot in relation to the target. It is an efficient way to practice without firing shells. And, even better, I can train for longer with no recoil into my shoulder. I will definitely use the Shooting Simulator regularly and might even give driven birds a go for some fun!

    H. Skeet
  • Just returned from what can only be describe as an awesome training session on the shooting simulator.  In my opinion an absolute must for anyone wanting to improve and analyse your performance.  It caters for everyone from the complete beginner to the much more accomplished shot.  From clay to game and just about everything in between. Just brilliant.

    D. Skeet
  • For those of us still overthinking the game or any game within our chosen sports medium 


    In my case, it doesn’t mean I’ll ever get them all, ever, BUT it does give back far more in information, instantly and in an understandable visual medium, cost effective as an alternative to pumping pellets skywards.

    I cannot recommend enough.

    M. Skeet
  • I just wanted to thank you for one of the best coaching sessions I’ve received in my 42 year shooting career! It was also the first time in 10 years of shooting clays that I’ve actually started to properly understand the mechanics of firming a shotgun.  

    Learning through the simulator is such an effective method.  We will be back.

    D. Skeet & Compact Sporting