Video recordings of shootings in the simulator

Watch videos from simulator shooting uploaded to youtube by us at: <>

Watch videos uploaded to youtube by our customers and us: <>

Moose hunt. Big bull slowly walking. (Click on heading to download video.)

Moose hunt. Running bull

Bear hunt, killed with first shot

Bear hunt, killed with second shot

Wild boar, road, close

Wild boar, running on road

Wild boar on field, walking

Wild boar on field, trotting

Wild boar on field, running

Sporting Clay, Report Pair, Hit, Hit

Sporting Clay, Report Pair, Miss, Hit

Sporting Clay, True Pair, Shot in self defence

Skeet, station 1, 2 and 3, single and double clays. Double projector system.

Nordic Trap, Station 1

Duck, approaching

Duck, from left

Grouse, several, random starting positions

Pheasant, outgoing

Pheasant, several, random starting position










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