The Shooting Simulator ST-2 - For professional shotgun and rifle coaching

The ST-2 shooting simulator from Marksman Training Systems is the first and only shooting simulator for shotgun and rifle shooting designed specifically for demanding users such as shooting instructors who give professional shooting advice. Anyone, both new and experienced in shotgun or rifle shooting, can use the simulator to improve his or her shooting skills and enjoyment of the sport.


Latest news

The simulator at IWA Outdoor 2015.

For the first time the driven pheasant shooting was demonstrated:


The simulator on The Gadget Show.

Click here to start a Youtube video:

The ST-2 simulator helps win Olympic medal!

Competition shooters in several countries use the ST-2 simulator for their training.

We are very proud to announce that one of them won an Olympic medal in London: 

Read what Danka Bartekova, Slovakia, Womens Skeet Bronze medalist in the 2012 Olympics, have to say about our simulator.


Danka Bartekova, Slovakia

I have been using the ST-2 simulator in my Skeet shooting training.

I am very happy with it.

I think the practice with the ST-2 simulator helped me with my mounting and with precision training,

so I find it very positive part of my training every spring, before the season starts...!


Youtube videos:

Watch videos from simulator shooting uploaded to Youtube at:


The simulator can be used with most shotguns and rifles. The camera sensor that registers gun movements and shooting direction can be easily attached to the barrel of your own gun. The shooting direction is calibrated by a single shot at a calibration target. The shooting scenarios include moving and fixed targets. Starting position, trajectory, speed of the targets are parameters that can be altered by the user creating a wide variety of scenarios to practice on. Hit position and the effectiveness of the shot are evaluated according to all contributing factors: ammunition load and weight, range, target size, trajectory and speed.



Shotgun disciplines

Rifle disciplines

Single and Double projector

-   Fixed target

-   Sporting clay

-   Double Trap (ISSF rules)

-   Hare

-   Bird shooting:

    Mallard, Phaesant, Grouse

-   Fixed target, 10 rings

-   Moose

-   Wild Boar

-   Brown Bear

- Red deer

Double projector only

-  Trap (ISSF rules)

-  Skeet (ISSF rules)




The diagnostics provided by ST-2 after a shot

- Illustrates how you missed

- Why you missed

- If you have correct gun fit

- Helps improve your shooting technique to increase success in the field and competition


Hit position and replay

Hit position at duck shooting.

The probability for immediate kill is 96% in this case:

Distance         25.9 m

Aiming error:    0,19 m

V0 :                400 m/s (1312 f/s)

Shot size:       US #4

Shot material: Steel

Load:              36 grams (1 1/4 ounce)

Choke:            Improved cyl (US), 1/4 (UK)

No. of hitting pellets: 9 (average)

Penetration:     41 mm

Gray area: Most probable outcome: immediate kill.

Pink area: Most probable outcome: crippling.




Hit position at clay shooting.

The probability for breaking the clay in this case is 98%

Distance:       19.1 m

Aiming error:   0.15 m

V0 :               400 m/s (1312 f/s)

Shot size:      US # 9

Shot material: Steel

Load:             24 grams

Choke:           Modified (US), 1/2 (UK)



The replay is a unique feature for the ST-2. Use the instant replay to track the path of your swing.


Power Point:

To read a PowerPoint presentation of the ST-2 simulator, click: PP080914.ppt This is a large file (22 MByte) and down-loading it may take some time, but please have patience! It is very comprehensive and may find just the information you are looking for. Send us an e-mail if you have problems downloading it, we will send you a CD.

Product Description:

To download our product description, click:  ST-2 ProductDescr.pdf (4.0 Mb) Please note: You need Adobe reader to read the product description.

Patent protection:

The method used to register sighting direction in ST-2 is protected by international patents.










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