The RT-4 is a hit position indicator for clay target shooting.

It  determines the hit position of shots fired at clay pigeons. It shows you exactly how far above, below, behind or in front your shot-string was.

You use it with live ammunition and with standard clay pigeons.

It is not necessary to fire live shots, therefore you can use for dry-fire training as well.

It works for all disciplines: skeet, trap, sporting.

The product is under development.

The RT-4 is based on a new and unique design protected by international patents.

Investors wanted:

We are currently working on the development of this product.

The work is not running at full speed at this time due to the lack of capital. Therefore we welcome new investors to take part in this project.

A market survey we made indicated a strong interest among shooting instructors and competitive shooters to own an RT-4. We expect the market for this product to be very big.


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