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ST-2 Shooting simulator

From Ballbreaker Activity Centre, Stockholm.

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The ST-2 shooting simulator is the first simulator for shotgun and rifle training designed specifically for coaching purposes. The feedback it provides helps you analyze and correct problems with your shooting. You know you have missed, but have no idea why: it could be due to bad mount; poor position; stopping the swing; shooting over the top or behind; or incorrect gun-fit. The ST-2 provides instant feedback - and you can use you own gun. The device´s camera is easily attached to the gun barrel, and registers gun movement and shooting direction.

Shooting scenarios include starting position, trajectory and speed of movable targets. Hit position and the amount of damage inflicted on the target is evaluated according to all contributing factors: ammunition and gun data; target size; trajectory; and speed.  You can even select different chokes and shot-size.

The ST-2 is an efficient and enjoyable tool for firearms training suitable for competition shooters as well as hunters.

Realistic and interactive shooting scenarios, a wide range of interesting games and shooting disciplines, plus the possibility to arrange competitions, makes it an ideal recreation for conference facilities and events.


Features in the ST-2 shooting simulator:

  • Realistic shooting scenarios.

  • Efficient feedback including hit position and gun movement helps the shooter to an improved technique.

  • Shotgun disciplines: skeet, double trap, sporting clay and trap shooting, rabbit, duck, grouse and pheasant hunting.

  • Rifle discipline targets: moose, red deer, wild boar and brown bear.

  • Adjustable target speeds and trajectories makes it suitable for advanced as well as less experienced shooters.

  • You can use your own gun.

  • You can shoot multiple shots.

  • No laser light - perfectly eye safe.

  • Patented solutions: Shooting direction and gun movement registration based on unique, patented technology.



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