“Does the system account for aiming off (lead), if so, how is it calculated?"

- All information needed for the estimation of the necessary lead is registered by the system. The calculation is based on (1) distance to the target, (2) target speed and direction, and (3) ammunition data (i.e. muzzle velocity, shot size and density). Distance and target trajectory in evaluated each time a shot is fired. Ammunition data are input as parameters via the keyboard. Forward allowance is calculated as the movement of the target between the instant the load emerges from the muzzle till it passes the target (i.e. reaches the point of minimum distance between the center of the shot and the target).

"What is the accuracy of the hit position indication?"

- The accuracy of the indication of distance between target and shot (center) as indicated on the hit position display, i.e. the aiming error, is typically plus/minus a few centimeters. When determining whether a particular shot is to be judged as a hit or miss, the statistical variation in shot cluster density (number of pellets per surface unit) typically has more significance than errors in the indicated hit position. In short: for all practical purposes the precision is good enough.

"How about eye safety, is laser light used?"

- No. The Marksman systems are perfectly safe and can never harm your vision.

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